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Free High PR Do-follow Directory Submission Sites List

Hi, Today i am sharing you with   Free High PR Do-follow Directory Submission Sites List  that can help you for making good rank in search engine result page. This is important list for small companies as well as big organizations that need to place their location on search page in high ranking. So, Friends enjoy this post. If you have another information about this post. Please post a comment and share your experience with us. Page Rank 8 Directory Submission Site List Page Rank 7 Directory Submission Site List Page Rank 6 Directory Submission Site List http://www.marketinginter

How to Earn or Make Money Online | UPDATE

There are lots of way to earn or make money online. Anyone can  earn or make money from internet  if he desires and works technically. On the off chance that you are a skilled individual with essential knowledge of the relevant work you are going to do and if you have a great internet connection at home you can undoubtedly win a conventional measure of cash online without a doubt. And the plus point is that the amount of the money will be gradually increased if you work a little hard.  Earn money online  now.  Online earning  can help you change your economic condition and you gain self confidence as well. Way of Earn or Make Money Online Are you just a starter? Then learn how to  earn money over internet .  Earn money online from Bangladesh  in the coolest and greatest way. People look for various professions all over the internet. They are looking for occupations all around the net however because of absence of experience they neglected to land any position. In that time they p

How To Complete Your 100% oDesk Profile

1) After verify email as like below the image, now click “ Create your Profile “. 2) Fill out now your oDesk profile step by step your   Name , your real PP   Picture , your skills   Title , your skills/carrier o bjective ,   Hourly rate, English Level   and   Categories   as like below this image. 3) Fill the Complete your oDesk Report in addition to new window are going to be when click   Categories .  Choose 10 groups that you are expert of any subject or categories. In case you are information availability professional then choose Graphics Design, Logo Design, Illustration and others Administrative Support. In case you are Cash flow in addition to Marketing Expert After which choose SEO, SEM, SMM by way of example as like below the image.   4 ) Add to odesk profile on your   Skills, Employer History, Education   and your special   Portfolio Project   as follow below the image. Scalp in excess of to make certain you think about your oDesk readiness test. Just about

How to Sign Up oDesk Account

For create an account in oDesk, go to . Here you will find two portion for create an account. 1) “Want to hire? Post a job!” 2) “Want a job? Sign up!”. Here is the first portion for clients and second portion for contractors. So since you’re a freelancer, so click “ Want a job? Sign up! “. Now you will see a form for making an account. Here you can Sign Up using Facebook , LinkedIn , GitHub and Stack Overflow . Or you can Sign Up by fill out the form properly. Here I’m showing you how to Sign Up by fill out the form. Fill out the fields for First Name, Last Name, email, Country, ID, Password and Captcha, then click Get Started. This will create your Account and you’ll see a page as shown below. Now go to your email which used for create oDesk account. A message will come from “oDesk Support Team” for verify the account. Open the message; you will see a link as shown below, click the link. After completed the account verification, a success message

Elance SEO Test Answers 2014

Now Today I am sharing with you  Elance SEO test answers 2014. Get update  Elance  SEO  test answer  from this website.  Elance  SEO  test is a most important for your Elance profile improvement. So, Friends enjoy this post and if you have another new idea about it. Please post a comment below.   Question no - 1.  What will happen if you type the word ‘Certification-Networking’ in the Google search box? c. Google will find ALL the web pages in which the words “Certification” and “Networking” appear together.  (answer) Question no - 2.   What is keyword density? c. The number of times the keyword is used / (divided by) the total word count on the page. (answer) Question no - 3.   What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called? d: Page Jacking  (answer) Question no -4 .   What is the most likely time period required for getting a Google page ranking? d. More than 3 months  (answer) Question no - 5.   What is Anch