How To Complete Your 100% oDesk Profile

1) After verify email as like below the image, now click “Create your Profile“.
2) Fill out now your oDesk profile step by step your Name, your real PP Picture, your skills Title, your skills/carrier objective, Hourly rate, English Level and Categories as like below this image.
3) Fill the Complete your oDesk Report in addition to new window are going to be when click CategoriesChoose 10 groups that you are expert of any subject or categories. In case you are information availability professional then choose Graphics Design, Logo Design, Illustration and others Administrative Support. In case you are Cash flow in addition to Marketing Expert After which choose SEO, SEM, SMM by way of example as like below the image.
 4) Add to odesk profile on your Skills, Employer History, Education and your special Portfolio Project as follow below the image.
Scalp in excess of to make certain you think about your oDesk readiness test. Just about every building contractors have to consider your test. Without applying this test just about every contractor might use all through upto two job a few days. Subsequent complete this test the job quota increase from 10. Subsequent end your 7 steps your oDesk profile is likely to finish 75%. If you wish to finish 100% on your oDesk profile then you must cross at least 3 test with the exception of oDesk readiness test. In case you are a whole new details ease of access practitioner you then should really consider You. So get test oDesk readiness test with others your skills/categories matching test, these are typically your follow steps pertaining to finish your oDesk profile 100%. Just looks below the image and get complete some test.
If you want to get all oDest test so take from my blog to oDesk all test answer.


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