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adfly is a biggest URL Shorten service, which allows us to shrink our large URLs into small size. As we all know that it puts adverts on shorted links and provides opportunity to earn some extra money side by side from actual work. Here you will earn as per your link visits. so, peoples are searching for any Bot or Auto clickers over internet, but you are at right place, your search ends here, This trick, trick 2015 is Really easy, 100% Working and Tested. continue visit my blog to get more cool valuable latest tricks  for FREE. '!! And Share this great trick with your cool friends !!'

Here, I’m going tell you how to transform  that short income to large scale income. If you search on web there you will find that some people are sharing auto clicker bot to earn more money from and they put that bot to "pay to download" sites, so poor people who really needs that bot completes some rubbish surveys to download that files. That "auto clickers" clicks on links using proxy. But the truth is proxy just changes your IP address but not the actual location and other details like your network providers (eg. Vodafone, T-mobile etc). there are too many sites available in this world of internet that will give you your exact location and other details by tracing your IP. In current time proxy removers are also available which will help to know actual IP. has upgraded their system with latest technology, so it's little difficult now to cheat them, Are you still gonna use auto clickers ??  huh !! you can use Auto clickers with VPN service but it costs more for premium and different legit VPN Connections. this trick is much easy and affordable.
Here are the steps to follow to make Largest Amount of money with
  1. Sign up for a site here: SIGN-UP
    => I cannot write the site name in public otherwise it will get viral and the trick will not work in future, so just click on Signup Link to visit the site. This Site is online international Auto clicker Bot which will provide you benefit to trick with from above problems and Earn MORE.

  2. Upgrade your Account to premium
    => Above site contains 3 types of accounts. 1) Free, 2)Premium Lite, 3)Premium. In Free account you will get clicks but not from different locations so your account can be Blocked for receiving large number of clicks from same location & Same referral site. so Put links for anonymous traffic mode (direct traffic without referral site) or custom  referrer site i.e google, facebook etc. To do that, You can first upgrade to premium lite which costs Less and if you like their service you can upgrade your account to final premium plan. Because you are going to earn Lots of money from

  3. Download Its bot from here : DOWNLOAD 
    => This traffic Exchange Bot is Legal to help to earn more minutes on above site so you can put your link more time on That site and Get more clicks on your links and obviously more cash. (Note : You need Microsoft Dot net framework v4.0 installed on system to run this Bot.) :)

  4. Put Your links to “My WebSites” Menu / Tab. => Create 100 shortened link and put each link for just 30 to 50 clicks on Above Site. Use and or links with https:// to get clicks more quickly. More than above ratio (30 to 50) clicks per day on single link can Cause your account BAN, so be careful. In short Behave Like a "Human" not like a "Bot".

  5. And It is done :)
    => If you don't Have Account Signup From Here : SIGN-UP
Note : If adfly links don't work/ load, After Shortening links with, put "https" instead of "http" in shorted link to get it work, because they are now using secure SSL certificated connection. i.e.
Your Old Link –
Your New Link – doesn’t show the clicks in real-time so you have to wait for some time to see your graph getting raised. Share your Experiences with us, here in Reply and don’t forget to subscribe us. This trick also works with other pay to shorten link services. It is trick to get more clicks on any URL shorten link Sites i.e,, Link bucks or what ever you say, cool !!.

Enjoy Fast Earning From !! And yes, don't forget to share it with your cool friends !


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