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How to Fix pop up Virus in WordPress : FIXED

the problem these days is pop up virus in the wordpress site. In short your site is hacked and it is infected with a malware virus. WordPress websites have thousands of files, so it very difficult to detect the virus in which file script is being added. I face this problem many times and I have figured the most common files which are mostly infected. In this article, I discuss the latest virus which is causing pop up on the website leading to unwanted links. I am going to explain you the possible solution to your problem in this article. Step 1 1-Make a complete backup of website and database first. Make sure you safe your ass first then do anything else. 2-Go to your wp-includes folder and find the files wp-tmp.php wp-vcd.php wp-feed.php If you see any of above file. Then it means the site is infected because these files are not part of wordpress. They are later added to the files by some script. Delete these files Step 2 Go to functions.php of your Site and try to find this kind of c